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"Lovely Action"
By James Russell Lowell
By Mark McCormick
"To Stay Ahead"
By Rosabeth Moss Kanter
"Grace Under Pressure"
By Ernest Hemingway

"For Every Obstacle There is a Solution"
By Dan Zadra
"Give the World the Best You Have"
By Madeline Bridges
"Cooperation of Many Minds"
By Alexander Graham Bell
"Paralyze Resistance"
By Frank Tyger
"Honor is Reward for What is Given"
By Calvin Coolidge
"Most Important Goal"
By Geoffrey Abert
"To Begin a Quest"
By Plato
"What You Will Do Matters"
By Judy Grahn
"Climb High"
By Unknown
"I Believed in Myself"
By A friend
"Encourage Each Other"
By Tom Peters
"Tomorrow is a Brand New Day"
By Elizabeth David
"What we do"
By Don Galer
By Mahatma Ghandi
By Anita Roddick
"Make a Difference"
By John F. Kennedy
"Encourage Each Other"
By Tom Peters
"We Did"
By Don Ward
"Go For It"
By Art Turock
"Goals Give Purpose"
By Bob Richards
By Ivy Baker
"Do What Experts Say Can*t be Done"
By Lazarus Long
By David Schwartz
"Song Found in the Heart of a Friend"
By Longfellow
"The Future is Sending Back Good Wishes"
By Kobi Yamada
"Dreams Come True"
By Richard Bach
"You Must Take Your Chance"
By William Shakespeare
"Pleasure Found in Doing the Impossible"
By Walter Bagehot
"Go On, You Can Do It"
By Barbara Streisand
"No One Can Go it Alone"
By Grace Gil Olivarez
"Open Your Mind and Heart"
By Linda St. James
"Love What You Do"
By Jerry Gillies

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